Version 0.15.0

Jolla Tablet and Android

HaveClip v0.15 brings support for Jolla Tablet and Android. Other platforms are just using cleaned and updated code, but have no new features.

The Android version is distributed as an APK. It is not available in Google Play and there are no plans for it.

Changes in build and packaging

The source tarball is now named haveclip-<platform>-<version>.tar.gz instead of haveclip-<platform>-<version>-src.tar.gz (removed suffix -src). The same goes for the top-level directory in the tarball.

Secondly, haveclip-core is now statically linked to haveclip-desktop. That means there is no longer any .dll or .so library. The result is just one executable at bin/haveclip.

haveclip-core was always meant just as a means of sharing common code, the dynamic library was superfluous.

HaveClip no longer depends on QCA (Qt Cryptographic Architecture). It now uses OpenSSL API directly.


I no longer provide any new builds of HaveClip for Windows nor OS X. I may make them later, but I make no promises. All previous builds are still compatible with v0.15.